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How it works?

Our Security Framework


We have researched about what are the most common exploits an attack can use, what are the most common threats out there and  it all lead to here our 6 evaluation fronts.

internet security for families

3 steps to increase your safety online.

1. Order your Threat Level Report.


After you place your order within 24 hours you'll receive an email with a personal code to access our questions bank.

2. You'll respond to all questions, we won't ask anything to expose you.


Our questionnaire might be long, sometimes it might take up to an hour to go after all the details.

3. 72 hours later you'll receive your personalized Threat Level Report. Including:

  • A Threat Level grade.

  • An improvement plan with detailed and prioritized actions to reduce your threat levels.

  • Access to 12 monthly reports of cyber security news that could be of help to you.

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