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Our Report

3 Major components


According to your results we will prioritize a set of steps you should take to improve your cybersecurity. These are as specific and atomic as possible and each will improve your cybersecurity. You are more than welcome to space out the procedures as most likely, based on our experience, these will be quite some.


For each topic that based on your responses we believe you need awareness of we will expose to you why they are important and why should you care. As possible we share real life examples of occasions the specific topic proven a threat and of course if will be accompanied by an actionable to prepare better.


From 0 to 100, your report will grade your level of cybersecurity at the individual level. We will also share a Family level according to the common points you share in your household. Cybersecurity evolves as threats evolve, might be good to check back again every now and then.

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